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You know who I wanna learn more about?
Courtney Love.

I need to buy biographies.

there aren’t many accurate ones but your best bet is the Poppy Z Brite one and Dirty Blonde.

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The definition of losing yourself in your music…

oh man

“The definition of losing yourself in your music…” Totally. If there is one thing I admire about this man’s onstage presence, above his windmills, leaping and guitar smashing, it is that he loses himself and puts all he has into the music.

Cinematic Style: Why We Need More Women In The Film Industry


Wertmuller. Campion. Coppola. Bigelow. These are the last names of the only women who have been nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards in it’s eighty-three years. That’s a lot of male winners! Only one of these women, Kathryn Bigelow, has won the coveted award with 2010’s, The Hurt…

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